Mission & focus

At the APSB, we embrace our role and purpose as a future-maker—for our state, our nation and our world.

We pursue meaningful change as we celebrate our proud history: applying proven values in the pursuit of contemporary educational and research excellence; meeting our local and global community’s evolving needs and challenges; and striving to prepare our graduates for their aspirations and the needs of the future workforce.

Our focus is informed by the manifold changes confronting today’s society, including the:

  • need for economic transition—to new industries and jobs
  • imperative of social transformation—demanding more accessible, lifelong learning
  • impact of globalisation—making global opportunities available locally
  • pervasive nature of technological disruption—redefining socio-economic constructs
  • pursuit of sustainability—socially, economically and environmentally.

The University is uniquely positioned to design and drive a prosperous, entrepreneurial future for Singapore built on knowledge, innovation and collaboration.

We’re a dynamic participant in society, leading our community in leveraging change for social and economic benefit. We listen to industry. And we connect with diverse community groups far and wide to deliver education and research of the highest value and impact.