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Your email account is integral to everyday life at The Asia Pacific School of Business - everything from enrolment and course information to general School updates are sent via your email account. It’s also a great place to keep in touch with fellow staff and students.


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Email account: your work ID/student ID

Initial password: Apsb+passport number last four digits (Please pay attention to upper and lower case and symbols)

Maintainer: Data Institute (HK) Cloud Team in The Asia Pacific School of Business

The mail system is supported by Microsoft Education

Service Hotline: 852-81915588

Public mailbox:

Note: At any time, please abide by school safety regulations and use passwords with caution. Do not use in public places to prevent leaks.




APSB+ Education

Inspiring every kind of mind.

Everyone has their own way of learning and expressing creativity.

APSB’s students and faculty will be able to enjoy global educational resources (including but not limited to Microsoft, Apple, Google and Adobe, etc.), and obtain relevant software or hardware at educational discount prices-fully supporting active learning, creating and defining their own success. Let us move the world forward.


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