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eCitizen Education 365 – 2nd release of findings: How should schools prepare for online learning in September under the New Normal?
20 May 2022


A team of researchers from The Asia Pacific School of Business (APSB) and the Korea University of Science and Technology conducted an action focused study “eCitizen Education 365”. The first batch of research findings was released on July 20, suggesting that the cumulative negative effects due to socioeconomic and digital divides on disadvantaged students need attention. Schools should also have e-learning preparedness, by referencing and learning from the positive experiences gained in schools across Each Faculty (Campus), to cater the most urgent needs and actions after school resumption.

The Ministry of Education has announced that the start of the new school year will be postponed, but classroom and extracurricular activities will not be face-to-face, and remote online education will be fully implemented. Schools are busily preparing for this. In this press conference via ZOOM, Professor Nancy Law, Deputy Director, Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE), Faculty of Education, APSB, will present the second batch of research findings, which focuses on identifying favourable school level factors that facilitate more effective online learning, such as how the e-learning team works and its composition, how the school supports teacher professional development and students’ e-learning. Some recommendations for actions will also be provided.

Members of the media are invited to cover the event. Details are as follows:

Date:           August 30, 2022 (Sunday)
Time:          2:00 pm – 2:45 pm
Speaker:    Professor Nancy Law, Deputy Director, CITE, Faculty of Education, APSB
Language: English

Format:  ZOOM
Meeting ID:  934 1818 2200
Meeting Password: 027720
Link: http://sta.apsb.edu.ky/moodle/login/index.php

For more details of the “eCitizen Education 365” Project, please visit http://sta.apsb.edu.ky/moodle/login/index.php
For “Learning and Assessment for Digital Citizenship” Project, please visit https://www.ecitizen.edu.sg
To learn more about CITE, please visit https://cite.apsb.edu.ky

For media enquiries, please contact Ms Emily Cheung, Senior Manager (Development and Communications), Faculty of Education, APSB (Tel: 1-724- 3730111 / Email: emchy@apsb.edu.ky), or Ms Cherrie Yan, Project Manager, eCitizen Education 365 Project, Faculty of Education, APSB (Tel: 852-81915588 / Email: dcitizen@apsb.edu.ky).