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The Global Academy of Finance and Management was established in the United States of America in 1996, for the purposes of quality assurance in education and accredited training, examinations, and continuing education at the international level. The Global Academy is a global certification body that accredits universities and training companies as providers of training services that carry the international training ISO 29990.

It has both the American Academy of Financial Management AAFM and the American Academy of Project Management AAPM, which are spread in a large group of offices and branches in countries of the world It has more than 200 thousand members, and the International Academy for Finance and Management specializes in providing standards for professional certificates with an international reputation in the following areas :-

  1. – Wealth management and private banks.
  2. – Risk management and credit operations.
  3. – Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering.
  4. – Private equity, market analysis, investment, mergers and acquisitions.
  5. – Development of senior management.
  6. – Commercial banks and enhancing the performance of their branches.
  7. – Project engineering and management.
  8. – Marketing, advertising, leadership and others.

The Global Academy of Finance and Administration has worked with many international organizations such as: HSBC Global Banking Group, US Department of Labor, NASA, Thomson Reuters, Deutsche Bank, China Reconstruction Bank, US Department of Interior, US Department of Energy, US Financial Sector Regulatory Authority, and others Globally, in the Arab world, it has cooperated in training the employees of many banking and financial sectors in the Arab countries, and among the most important Arab institutions: the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority, the Arab Academy for Financial and Banking Sciences, the Saudi Monetary Fund and many other banks..

American Academy of Project Management - AAPM

American Academy of Financial Management - AAFM

The American Academy of Financial Management is the main incubator for the International Standards Council, which specializes in setting standards for accreditation of training and professional certification around the world. The American Academy recognizes thousands of MA and PhD holders, chartered accountants, lawyers, consultants, and AACSB alumni as executive members in more than 151 countries. The Academy provides all specialized international accreditation services in addition to specialized training for specialized program certificates in the financial, banking and accounting fields.

It is an internationally recognized professional organization and has many members around the world who possess the scientific and practical experience and qualifications necessary to hold its prestigious professional certificates. The certification standards of the American Academy of Project Management are from the International Standards Board spread across the USA and Europe where we maintain the best training standards in the areas of project management, business,e-commerce, planning, and human resources.




George.s.MentzProfessor George Mentz

AAUGC Dean, Chair, Academic Committee Chair

Chairman, General Counsel and Executive Director – International Standard Board / Master of Business Administration, Certificate in International Law diploma / Licensed Legal Counsel and Notary Public in the United States of America

George Mentz JD MBA CILS is a CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ®, global speaker - educator, tax-economist, international lawyer and CEO of the GAFM Global Academy of Finance & Management ®. The GAFM is a ESQ accredited graduate body that trains and certifies professionals in 150+ nations under ISO 21001 standards. Mentz is also an award winning author and graduate law professor of wealth management in the USA.

Mentz has been recognized in 2020 as a Top 10 Wealth Management Influencer in the World on Social Media.

Mentz is 1st in the world to be credentialed as a: Doctor of Jurisprudence, MBA, investment advisor, financial planner, US federal courts attorney, international law certification, & management consultant, and he is a two-time award winning professor teaching 250+ law, business, and ethics courses. Mentz was an economic advisor for the Trump Campaign CO, has published 60+ books and audio books who has written for the US Dept of Labor, O-Books UK, eFinancialCareers, & National Underwriter.

Mentz is one of the few law professors in the world to have ever passed the Series 7, 63 and 65 Investment Advisor Exams and practiced as a High Net Worth Wealth Management Advisor for a Wall Street Firm. Counselor Mentz's book "Wealth Management Intelligent Investor Notes & Summary" was named one of the best Wealth Management books of all time by BookAuthority!

Mentz has served boards or advised The Global Finance Forum, World eCommerce Forum, top banks such as HSBC and Bank of China, UN, Arab Academy of Banking, African Economists Association & has even been accepted as an expert in securities arbitration & mediation. Mentz and his companies have been featured or quoted in Forbes, Reuters, Wall St. Journal, The Hindu National, El Norte Latin America, the Financial Times, NYSSA, The China Daily, & The Arab Times. Mentz enjoys tennis, travel, raising 3 children, and serving as the titular Seigneur of the Fief Blondel which is one of the oldest legally recognized fiefdoms in the UK Crown Dependencies.

Mentz has served as a US Presidential Scholars Commissioner for the President of the United States helping young people from around the country in reaching their dreams.

More information: https://www.gmentz.com/


Yiyan Jianyin

Dr. Yiyan Jianyin

AAUGC Associate Dean, Vice President, Academic Degree Committee Chair

Concordia University--Wisconsin MBA / Hannam University Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration / President of Labrador and  Newfoundland College
Rotating Chairman of The Asia Pacific School of Business (2020-2025)

At AAGUC College, we strive to establish the first Pan-Asian and Pacific professional finance training pipeline as we are working through the APSB to develop and develop training content for all International Professional (GAFM) certificates, scientifically and professionally accredited academics and experts.

In the future, we also seek to establish chapter branches in each Asian country with the goal of facilitating communication with government and private sector institutions through the vision and mission of The Asia Pacific School of Busines and Global Academy of Finance & Management. Our AAGUC, through wise management represented by The Honourable Dr. George.s.Mentz, and Dr. Yiyan Jianyin and members of the Board of Directors, is working steadfastly to bring something unique to business development in Asia, which is in The AAGUC was established in 2022 and is also a record time for APSB and GAFM to issue international professional certificates in the form of a joint double degree, and to launch globally recognised courses and free workshops to raise awareness of the latest developments in science .


Yungming Yong                                 Chin Jung Liang                                 Xiaogang Lai                                  Sang-jung Jang

Yung-ming Yong                                                    Chin-Jung Liang                                                      Xiaogang Lai                                                        Sang-jung Jang  



           One Two Three Nakajima                                 Xiaojing Li                                 Adumdo                                 

          One Two Three Nakajima                                                Xiaojing Li                                                              Adumdo                                               


AAGUC is based on the mutual trust between The Asia Pacific School of Business (APSB) and Global Academy of Finance & Management (GAFM), in order to adapt to the rapid development of society, the rapid development of science and technology, and the presentation of open and hybrid education in the world The trend is to promote the internationalization of education and the popularization of higher education; in order to realize the concept of "allowing more low-income people to receive higher education", APSB and GAFM have decided to join forces to promote international education on a global scale.

AAGUC, the full name of "APSB and GAFM United College". The purpose of its establishment is to uphold and continue The Asia Pacific School of Business's "integration of Chinese and Western knowledge, integration of knowledge and action", and the Global Academy of Finance & Management's "promoting higher education accreditation and realizing the globalization of certificate accreditation".

* Global Academy of Finance and Management owns the certification marks MFP, AMA, AFA, AMC, MMC, ChE, CWM, ChFM, CTEP®™, GAFM (circular badge) and AAFM (geometric mark) in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who successfully complete the IBS Board's initial and ongoing certification requirements.®

* According to the cross-licensing agreement between APSB and GAFM, APSB fully owns the right to use the above-mentioned registered trademarks, as well as the certification and accreditation of shared cross-licensing.

* For related information, please visit: Registered Trademarks - GAFM ® - Global Academy of Finance & Management